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So possibly I should update this thing. I never remember to come over to livejournal to update though. I am horribly bad with this. Its okay though I don't really update any of my personal journals anymore.

Really nothing much has happened. at all. Hours suck at work, got an impromptu weeks vacation thanks to the lacking of hours. I really need another job, I just hate not feeling comfortable.

Hey guys I'm back :)

So I decided to bring my happy ass to Livejournal Again, Hence I will probably update my Insanejournal more, I don't know yet, It really depends on what this site brings me.
So hey all you neglected Livejournal user! sorry!

I'll update more later, Right now, I'm tyring to get this all fixed up.
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Its empty and cold without you here...

I want to Bang the shit out of matt right now. WTF.
Anyways, I had the most weridest fucking dream last night, Its was CRAZAYY.
Heres how it Goes, I was like older, and all id say like 28 at themost, and I Had like a 4 year old and Twins They were like 1 or 2 A boy and a girl, Geesh, All these kids looked like matt and I had a rig on my finger, but i have no clue who i was married too, All i know is i worked at this Diner type thing and Kevin worked there, and i was pregos again and he punched me in my stomache, so i quit, and i was walking around this werid thing, I dont know what it was, Maybe A mall or something, and I was searching for someone. (BTW i was driving this ugly blue Wagon) I dunno it was so fucking werid.
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