You Two, Whats left...Dont take requests (whyamisoemo) wrote,
You Two, Whats left...Dont take requests

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Its empty and cold without you here...

I want to Bang the shit out of matt right now. WTF.
Anyways, I had the most weridest fucking dream last night, Its was CRAZAYY.
Heres how it Goes, I was like older, and all id say like 28 at themost, and I Had like a 4 year old and Twins They were like 1 or 2 A boy and a girl, Geesh, All these kids looked like matt and I had a rig on my finger, but i have no clue who i was married too, All i know is i worked at this Diner type thing and Kevin worked there, and i was pregos again and he punched me in my stomache, so i quit, and i was walking around this werid thing, I dont know what it was, Maybe A mall or something, and I was searching for someone. (BTW i was driving this ugly blue Wagon) I dunno it was so fucking werid.
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